STEPS Support

The newest client has asked me to create a series of graphics for print and social media.

Ambar Financial Logo Set

A billing company needed a new logo and so these are the set I created. They Chose one. Which would you Choose?

Sparrow Logos

A private security company need a logo that would look good on a uniform and a badge. These are what I create and the final version.

Restorative Logos

A massage therapy rehabilitation practice needed a logo and wanted an anatomical and medical look / feel. This is what I gave them and this is what they chose.

On Track Logos

These are an attempt at a corporate style logo for a client that has her own billing company. The version I created and the Final

Recon Logos

These were the designs I created for a client that is a veteran and wanted a patriotic military type logo. These are the series I gave him and the final version.